Things That You Need to Know About Face Serums!

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When it comes to skincare, we always stick to the good old golden rule – cleansing, toning, and moisturizing! The skin remains healthy and happy thanks to this simple routine. You could, however, use a beyond and really useful supplement to this regimen—face serum! Now, we know that you may have heard about it and have many questions about it. But we’re going to take care of you soon! Continue reading for more information on face serums and their role in your skincare routine.

Face serums have recently become popular in the beauty industry. Every skincare enthusiast and beauty blogger is enlightening us on the significance of applying the nutrient-rich serum following cleansing and toning and before moisturizing. Serums are often thin liquids with a higher concentration of the active chemicals needed to promote healthy skin. However, using a serum is not a “one size fits all” situation. Because of this, Blushlin offers a variety of facial serums online that was designed considering the various requirements of various skin types. Check out these things you must look for before making serums an essential part of your beauty regime.

When Used Correctly, Skin fortifying serum can:

  • Make your skin look younger and healthier
  • Provide your skin with a smoother and firmer texture
  • Make your pores appear smaller
  • Increase moisture levels
  • Help your skin recover from blemishes or injuries more quickly
  • Prevent wrinkles from accruing as much over time

Why Do You Need a Face Serum?

One item that has the potential to broaden the scope of skincare is a serum. Whether it’s pigmentation, dullness, enlarged pores, or age spots, it’s made to address specific skin problems. Serums ease symptoms at the spot of manifestation by penetrating the dermal layers of the skin by being applied directly to skin surfaces where specific ailments are prevalent. Therefore, serums are the best repair agents your skin requires if you have been combating a skin condition. 

Those blessed with relatively healthy skin can also benefit from daily serums like Blushlin’s 3% Ceramide + HA + Vitamin C, which contains vitamins and plant extracts. With their repairing and antioxidant characteristics, daily use serums like this one can maintain your skin balanced throughout all the seasons and help heal it.

What Ingredients Are in Good Face Serums?

There are some excellent serums and some subpar serums. The best serums will have several quality ingredients derived from natural sources.

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that can protect your skin cells from free radical molecular damage, which accelerates aging and makes it more difficult for your skin to look and feel its best. You can tell if a serum has antioxidants by checking the ingredients list. These are things like vitamin C, grape seed extract, pomegranate extract, and more. Antioxidants are excellent because they can help protect your skin against sun damage, too. 

Try Blushlin’s 3% Glutathione + 10% Vitamin C anti aging serums. L-glutathione is an antioxidant that reduces melanin formation. Its strong, water-based composition, which contains vitamin C and glutathione, eliminates fine lines and aids in making scars and blemishes less noticeable for smoother skin. Buy the Best Facial Serum Online to get a radiant & glowing Skin

  • Active Ingredients

An active ingredient is made to target a particular skin issue, such as UV exposure, acne, dryness, aging, and so on. “Actives” are substances that could change chemically when creating a solution but still exist in the final product. Depending on the type of skin it is applied to, varying amounts of these raw ingredients are added.

You can pick our brightening serum 5% Niacinamide along with ceramides, which locks in moisture and protects from environmental damage to your skin’s epidermis. The active components Ascorbyl Glucoside and Niacinamide help with elasticity and firmness loss, brighten the skin’s complexion, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Zinc PCA and plant extracts from rice, oats, and licorice are also included in the formulation, which improves the skin’s evenness, health, and texture.

Opt the Serum that is Best for Your Skin From Blushlin

Do a patch test first to ensure that the product is right for you because, after all, not everything is made for everyone. Apply a few drops of the serum to your face after toning and before using a moisturizer. This makes it easier for your skin to absorb the moisturizer. Before applying sunscreen in the morning, dab a few drops of serum on your face. This will increase the efficiency of your sunscreen and protect your skin from sun damage. At Blushlin, we offer products like skin firming serums, pore revival serum, skin lightening serums, exfoliating serums and many more.

Enjoy a seamless online buying experience at Blushlin, India’s best online beauty store and your one-stop online beauty destination.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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